About Us


An energetic and dynamic young entrepreneur Daniyal Shabbir, with an idea to come up with the most sophisticated clothing brand with unmatched innovative designs launched Keysha in 2021. Being an offshoot of the well renowned Ghulam Shabbir Textile Machinery (GSTM) which was established in 2009, the brand promises to provide the best fabric possible. The highly anticipated women’s only brand that has received immensely positive feedback is launched with a vision to be an icon of the clothing industry. As a brand closely connected to the roots Keysha Online Collection manufacture, supply, and distribute elegant and ready-to-wear clothes that are sure to make all women truly embrace the essence of their ethnic beauty and lead the way to the future.

A well-established fashion label, Keysha, is becoming synonymous with versatility yet powerful casual wear for women from all walks of life. Known for the use of experimental textiles, vibrant and tasteful prints, and detailed craftsmanship, Keysha by Daniyal Shabbir has inspired numerous Women Fashion Store in Pakistan to embrace their ethnic identity with avant-garde silhouettes and fashion fabrics while constantly evolving and expanding the product line.Keysha Online Collection